We understand windows and doors. Our business is based on getting a proper understanding of your needs and requirements and coupling that with a practical appreciation of how specifying, manufacturing, delivering and installing your windows and doors works.

Here are two tips that will help this process to run as smoothly as it can.

Start Early

Our aim is to get your products to site and installed smoothly, and to do this within your timescales. A big challenge to this can be customers leaving it late to order their windows and doors and then missing deadlines. The earlier you make contact the better chance you give us of getting everything right for you - on time.

Give us as much information as possible

You can specify window reveals & sills, choose the way a floor level finish works with your doors, choose different colours for different windows, add fire escape openings and disabled access requirements. However all of these details need to be agreed. The more information you give us, and the more quickly you provide it, the easier it is to keep your project on track.

Journey map

From first point of contact to final sign off there is a journey that we need to go through together. We are here to provide help and assurance and this communication is a key component in our relationship with you. We have mapped this journey for you. 


You may find us at a trade show, though our website or via a recommendation. Once we receive your enquiry we ask for drawings of your proposed project, normally elevations and floor plans. We also need the site location and a guide on when the project is likely to happen. We do have a minimum order policy, dependent on your location and the specific features of the project.

2. We Gather Information to Quote

Once we have received your drawings we will make contact with you to try and get a full understanding of your project and requirements. We will want to understand the nature of the development, the type of windows and doors you need and whether you want us to provide additional services such as a survey, installation and lifting equipment. All of this can be included and our sales team can guide you through this. In many cases design changes occur along the way and several quotes are needed before everything is ready to go. We don't do telesales. We won’t chase you for an order every day. But we will always be available to assist you when you need us. 

3. You make a decision - the order process

When you reach the point that you are happy with your quote we will raise a 10% invoice. This starts the process of getting your order ready for final production.


If we are installing for you and a survey is required we will send you a pre-survey information request at this point. We need all of this information sent back to us within the timescale guide so that we can carry out an accurate and detailed survey.

Finalising the specification

This is a detailed process that may include producing and supplying technical drawings related to the installation of your products. It includes confirming final sizes, colours, handle choices and so on - in fact all details for production, as nothing can be made until this is all agreed. We will guide you through this process. Typically it can take a week or two to complete.

Details Sign-off

Once everything is confirmed we will issue sign-off paperwork for you to approve. This specifies exactly what we will be making so it is really important you read through the schedule in fine detail. We will also issue an invoice in preparation for manufacturing. Once the schedule is approved it will go into production. This happens immediately and no changes can be made after this point.


Whilst your windows and doors are being made we will check with you that your project is on track on site. If everything is going ahead as planned then we will make preparations for delivery to site. We will issue a shipping invoice and give you a delivery date.



If we are installing for you, then a few weeks beforehand we will send out a pre-installation checklist. This should be completed by you and sent back promptly. Once approved we are ready to make final arrangements for the installation team to carry out the fitting.


This is one of the most critical stages of the whole journey. We are delivering high quality timber products to site and this needs to be carried out as safely as possible and without damage being caused. On completion of this phase we will ask you to check everything and sign-off the installation.


Now that your project is nearly complete the customer care team will take care of any final details. Certificates or ongoing works will now be handled by them and they will keep you updated throughout this process. They will also handle any problems you experience during the warranty period.

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