The Beauty in Alu-Clad


We've compiled the top ten best projects we've worked on that showcase the beauty of alu-clad timber more


COP26 & The Built Environment


The end of COP26 places more importance than ever on reducing emissions. How can housebuilders and homeowners work towards this goal? more

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Norrsken's P31A Window Shortlisted for Best UK Window


Norrsken’s P31A Window has been shortlisted as Built-It's Best Window UK 2021. Here's why. more

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Shortlisted for Self Build of The Year


Our triple-glazed alu-clad windows and doors were used in this self-build project, now a shortlisted contender for Self Build of the year in the 2021 Build It more

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Upcoming Tradeshows


Where you can find us. more

Who Should Install Your Windows and Doors?


It's one of the final decisions you'll need to make in your journey with Norrsken, but by no means the least important. Why install with us? more

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Energy Efficient Windows


What should you look out for when searching for low-energy ways to build, heat and run your home? And what benefits can you expect from choosing an energy efficient window system? searching for low-energy ways to build, heat and run your home? more

#tripleglazed#alu-clad#Passivehouse#high performance windows#triple glazed windows#triple glazed doors#eco friendly windows

Composite Windows


What are composite windows? What are their advantages over uPVC, all-timber or all-aluminium windows? We take an in depth look. more

The Lowdown on U-Values


As a measure of the thermal efficiency of a material, it is important to get to grips with U-values when building a home and when choosing your windows and doors. We answer your most frequently asked questions and look in depth at why they matter. more

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"The Change Has Been Transformational"


What's it like to have the work undertaken whilst you are living in the house? Our client, Mr R, has kindly documented and shared his own experience of what it is like to replace your doors and windows as part of a larger renovation project. more