A Key step towards the Future Homes Standard


This article provides an overview of Part L, the changes to U-value requirements that are likely to affect your project and the overall intention behind the regulations. ...read more

Upcoming Tradeshows


Where you can find us. ...read more

The Benefits of Passive Houses


The Passive House concept is taking off. The benefits it offers - both for the environment and for homeowners - are exceptional. In this article, we highlight the main advantages of Passive House building and why they matter. ...read more

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The 2023 Round Up


Our 2023 round up is here. Read about awards, inspiring projects and customer experiences, new team members, and our most exciting developments for 2024 now....read more


Our Best Selling Window - Now Build It's Window of the Year


Norrsken’s P31 window has been shortlisted to receive Build It's award for Best Window UK 2023. Here's why it's a winning product. ...read more

Composite Windows


What are composite windows? What are their advantages over uPVC, all-timber or all-aluminium windows? We take an in depth look. ...read more

The Value of Alu-Clad Timber Frame Windows


Durability, natural insulation, lower maintenance, aesthetics... why are aluminium-clad timber frame windows really superior? ...read more

The Built Environment, Retrofit & Energy Efficiency


More importance than ever is placed on reducing emissions. How can housebuilders and homeowners work towards this goal? ...read more

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The Lowdown on U-Values


As a measure of the thermal efficiency of a material, it is important to get to grips with U-values when building a home and when choosing your windows and doors. We answer your most frequently asked questions and look in depth at why they matter. ...read more

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Trickle Vents & Building Regulations Part F


Changes to the Part F Building Regulations include new regulations on ventilation requirements. We discuss how they affect trickle vent requirements in your windows in particular....read more