What makes a window great? 

In our view it should:

  • Look Superb
  • Operate smoothly
  • Keep the cold and weather out
  • Keep the warmth in
...and keep doing all of this for a long time.

Here at Norrsken, we know from experience that finding windows that meet aesthetic, functional, and performance demands simultaneously can be tricky. Getting them competently fitted can be harder still. 

Our aim is to listen carefully to your brief and design requirements and provide products that precisely match those requirements. We also believe that you should be able to customise your windows – which is why we offer so many options. Check out Options for more information on the many choices available to you.

If you know the type of product you are looking for then go to our Window Selector to narrow down your choice and get specific technical details.

Construction Quality

The use of top grade, responsibly sourced, laminated, slow grown timber*, combined with tried and tested hardware prolong your window's life span for many years. Gaskets and insulated glazing units ensure air tightness and energy efficiency. Double and triple glazed units use Low-E glass with argon gas filling as standard. All of Norrsken's glazing units have warm edge spacer bars. This minimises heat loss around the edge of the unit.

Timber is finished with a multi-coat protection and has excellent durability with class leading surface quality. Aluminium clad windows add a protective layer of powder coated aluminium externally. This gives extended weather protection and near zero maintenance. 

Windows are available in any RAL colour and a wide variety of stains. The glazing can be divided with external glazing bars to match traditional fenestration with spacers in the glazed units giving the appearance of solid bars.

To choose windows for your project that match your requirements try our Window Selector.

The majority of windows fall into two basic opening types: Inward opening and Outward opening. 

*For more information on why timber is a good choice see our why-wood page

Outward Opening

Outward opening windows were originally developed for harsh climate conditions in Northern Europe and are the dominant type in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. As these countries experience more challenging weather than many other European countries, the outward opening window works well because strong winds tend to force it to close more tightly, improving its weather resistance.

Outward opening windows can be: top hung, side hung or fully reversible. Triangular, circular and semicircular fixed windows are also available.

Top hung opening
Side hung opening
Fully reversible opening

Inward Opening

Popular across Europe, inward opening windows are now growing in popularity in the UK. While having identical build quality and similar thermal performance to outward opening windows, they have two distinct features:

  1. The opening sashes can be opened inwards for easy cleaning
  2. Larger opening sashes are possible with inward opening windows, as the hardware can typically carry more weight
Inward opening, tilt and turn windows work well for many homes because they can be tilted inwards for ventilation and turned, opening up to 90 degrees internally, making it easy to clean them from the inside. 

Tilt-in opening
Turn-in opening
Tilt and Turn opening

Frequently Asked Questions


Triple-glazed windows have units with three panes of glass. The space between panes is filled with an inert gas – usually argon or krypton – which is a better insulator than air. The insulation, noise reduction and security properties of these windows are significantly better than any single or even double-glazed equivalents.

How thin are triple glazed windows?

Visual frame widths are 44 to 62mm depending on the window specificationFrame depths (inside to out) are 70mm to 128mm, while the glazing unit themselves have (argon-filled) spaces of 16-20mm between glass panes, resulting in a triple pane glass unit that is between 44mm and 52mm thick. 

What types of triple glazed windows are available? 

The majority of windows fall into two basic opening types: Inward opening and Outward opening. Our range includes both types, available in timber-only or alu-clad timber options and with tilt-and-turn, top hung, side hung or fully reversible hinges. Triangular, circular and semicircular fixed windows are also available. Explore our products with our Window Selector.

How are triple glazed windows made?

Norrsken’s triple-glazed windows are made from durable engineered timber and clad externally in powder coated aluminium. Spaces between glass panes are filled with argon gas. Spacer bars, made from low-conductivity plastic, sit between panes at the optimum distance apart to prevent moisture and gas leaks. Multiple seals improve weatherproofing and airtightness.

Why do I get condensation on the exterior of my triple glazed windows? Is it a product fault?

External condensation is not a sign that your windows are failing – actually, the opposite is true. In a thermally efficient window, less heat escapes through the window. The outermost pane drops in temperature, and water vapour in the air then condenses on it. As external conditions change, the condensation will disperse naturally. 

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