What makes a window great? 

The ideal window should be perfectly suited to the demands of the individual – in looks, function, and performance. In short it should keep the weather out, keep the warmth in, operate smoothly and look superb.

Here at Norrsken, we know from experience that finding windows that meet aesthetic, functional, and performance demands simultaneously can be tricky. Our belief is that you should be able to customise your windows as much as needed – which is why we offer so many options. Check out Options for more information on the many choices available to you – or head to Windows to get a closer look at the windows themselves.

If you know the type of product you are looking for then go to our Product Selector to narrow down your choice and get specific technical details.


Doors are one of the single most important features of a house and make a statement about its identity. 

They can connect spaces, or shut them off, and the right door needs to be secure, versatile, and easy to use.

We have a diverse range of doors, suitable for different purposes; designed to be a perfect complement for our windows. As with our windows, we believe personalisation is key – your doors should be perfect for your development. 

To help you realise your vision, our doors have the same range of technical, aesthetic and performance options as our windows, meaning that you can create something entirely unique. For more information see our Doors page.