Who should install your new windows and doors?

There are many benefits associated with using our professional teams to install your new windows and doors. Opting for supply and installation with us means that everything is managed under one contract - we take responsibility from the point of survey through to completion. 

Whether you’re undertaking a refurbishment or a new build project, measurements need to be accurate and the installation needs to be completed correctly the first time.


Managing the installation of extremely large and heavy glass units on a busy building site, with limited space and in changeable weather conditions, can be very challenging but our teams are proficient and equipped to handle these situations. 

Whether your site requires your new windows and doors to be craned over your house, mechanically lifted with a spider-crane or genie, or placed into position by our own team, we have the tools and equipment needed to do this safely.


Our installers are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They understand the importance of using the right installation materials and techniques to complement our high-performance products. 

In the run-up to your installation we can arrange for one of our fitters to meet with you and your team, to check that your site and openings are ready, and that access is correctly in place to allow for a successful installation visit.  

Our fitters know how our products operate and can talk you through best practises for both their use and maintenance. 


When you embark on a supply and installation contract with us, it is not only your doors and windows that are guaranteed for 10 years, your installation will be guaranteed too. This means that, in the unlikely event that you may experience a future issue associated with the installation of your doors and windows, you can contact our Customer Support Team who will arrange for one of Technicians to investigate and resolve the matter for you. 


“The fact that Norrsken not only supply but also fit the product we found a real bonus. The installation team knew the windows so well that it made this stage so straightforward. Their work ethic, professionalism and keeping the place tidy / hoovering up afterwards was a shining example to our builders…we've had lots of compliments on our windows and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." 

- Richard.


We provide the finest windows and doors with the ultimate in Customer Service