Marine Grade Finishing

In coastal locations, within 1500 metres from the sea, we recommend marine grade finishing to aluminium claddings and various hardware.

We have supplied windows and doors to coastal locations for a number of years and this additional protection provides peace of mind for your project.

Marine grade finishing to aluminium-clad consists of an epoxy primer + top coat. The aluminium is treated with a special IGP-KORROPRIMER 30. This anti-corrosive primer was developed especially for coating structures based on aluminium and aluminium alloys. It ensures optimum adhesion between pre-treated aluminium and the top coat. This provides improved protection against corrosion, protection against chemicals and improved edge covering.

If you require this on your project or are unsure please check with our sales team. If you are within 1500m of the coast it is important that this special finish is included within your quote.