Glass Options

We offer a range of glass options to give you the flexibility you need, including double and triple glazing, solar control and obscure glass.

Glass offers the highest insulation element on a window. With the right choice of glass spec, you can maximise thermal gain while preventing overheating. 

Double or Triple Glazing?

One of the most common questions we get asked is 'should I go for double or triple glazing?'

Although we supply both and will work with either, we are firm believers in the benefits of triple glazing. It provides superior performance and greater comfort in the home. While triple glazing does marginally reduce light levels (compared to double glazing light admittance), this can help to reduce overheating. For more information on this see "Why Triple Glazing?"

Obscure Glass

We offer a range of obscure glass. 

Solar Control Glass

Designed to limit the amount of solar gain that the glass produces, 'solar control' glass has a coating applied to reduce overheating on large unshaded areas of predominantly south-facing glazing. Feel free to discuss any concerns about overheating with our sales team.