Living in a coastal location is a dream for many people. However, the often changeable weather conditions associated with these seaside areas need special consideration when you are choosing windows and doors for a beach front property.   

If you are lucky enough to have panoramic views of the sea, you will of course want to maximise these with large glazed units that allow uninterrupted views of your idyllic surroundings. However, factors such as driving wind and rain, salt water and possibly even wind borne debris will all need to be taken into account. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can assist you in choosing the most suitable products for your location, and you can enjoy the benefits of your beautiful surroundings without experiencing the effects of the extreme weather conditions often associated with being beside the sea. 

Our sales, technical and installation teams are proficient at working on projects in coastal locations; we have successfully completed a significant number and look forward to working on many more.