Norrsken Mission Statement: We are motivated to provide superbly engineered, high performance timber windows and doors that look and feel superb whilst delivering outstanding value for money. We have to combine this with courteous, timely and informed customer service.

In our homes, in our workplaces, in our cars, we are constantly using energy to heat, to cool, to transport and to light. But is this sustainable both for our bank balance and our environment? Have we become a society so used to simply pressing a button or turning a dial that we’ve ceased to question whether our energy consumption always makes logical sense?

Each and every one of us consumes energy, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But whilst for the foreseeable future we must continue to burn fossil fuels to produce our energy, surely it makes sense to use it as efficiently as possible? In doing so we can maximize the potential output of the planets finite natural resources and simultaneously reduce any potential long-term damage to our environment.

Whilst we all wish to see the continued development of renewable energy sources, their eventual success won’t alleviate the need for ever-greater efficiency. The more we cut wastage, the better off we’ll all be. Across the construction industry design has improved dramatically in recent years. Codes and standards have been introduced to help us understand where improvements can be made and wastage cut.

Heat can leak from buildings in many different ways and at Norrsken we pride ourselves upon producing windows with outstanding efficiency ratings to reduce such losses. We believe our innovative products are at the leading edge of energy efficient design, fusing contemporary style with outstanding efficiency.

Norrsken is built upon a passion for achievable change and our hope is that pioneering companies such as ourselves might serve to help change societies collective attitude towards energy and enable all of us to become more energy efficient. Keeping the heat inside is what we’re all about.

Alex Alsop